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The ultimate experiment in decentralized community building.
A Fully Decentralized Meme Token with unlimited utility in WOOFVERSE and to all INU’s lovers, projects or communities.

SHAG, WOOFW, WOOFP, WOOFI — Innovative WOOF Community



Our Contracts Are Open Source & Fully Auditable
For the ultimate experiment in fully decentralization of SHAGGY TOKEN, team behind it provided fundamentally base for a stable commununity growth, development and security. Let’s all be SHAGGY! Let’s all WOOF! WOOF!

A little about Shaggy
Since crypto is all about tokens, Shaggy Team honestly thinks that decentralsation is a matter of aligned interest and distribution to token holder. If mystery admin holds 50% of all tokens in so-called “locked wallet” then still mystery admin has 50% of responsibility for the community and drive. This is what we often see.

So when we design the SHAGGY experiment, our goal is very altruistic to give an opportunity for fair distribution and ownership from day 1. This means even if team setup SHAGGY, we have no more potential for ownership that anybody else in the world. We will continue more about the ethos and vision, but first how it was done.

From its inception, Shaggy Inu will done things differently. Starting with a supply of 1 trillion, our founders, locked 50% in Pancakeswap, then “burned” the other half to Dead Address for safekeeping.


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View Audit
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Shaggy Roadmap
What can be more accurate then a roadmap with certain target points along the road and fixed goals that have to be achieved not only by the team responsable for Shaggy progress but along with it’s community and interactivity.

Stage 1
0 Holders 》✓ Concept Development
0 Holders 》✓ Graphic Plans
0 Holders 》✓ Graphic Builds
0 Holders 》✓ Graphic Release
0 Holders 》✓ Website Development
0 Holders 》✓ Website Release
0 Holders 》✓ Communities Creation
0 Holders 》✓ Roadmap Development
0 Holders 》✓ Roadmap Release
0 Holders 》✓ Security Audit Plan
0 Holders 》✓ Security Audit Release
0 Holders 》✓ Community Gathering
Stage 2
0 Holders 》✓ WOOF CLUB NFT Development
0 Holders 》✓ WOOF CLUB NFT Plans
0 Holders 》✓ WOOF CLUB NFT Sneakpeak
0 Holders 》✓ Burns
0 Holders 》✓ Renounce Ownership
0 Holders 》✓ Fairlaunch Announcements
0 Holders 》✓ Fairlaunch Confirmation
0 Holders 》✓ Coins Tracker Listings
0 Holders 》✓ Marketing
0 Holders 》✕ Influencers
0 Holders 》✕ Social Campaigns
0 Holders 》✕ Press Releases
Stage 3
50 Holders 》✓ Successful Fairlaunch
100 Holders 》✕ Launch in Pancakeswap
150 Holders 》✕ Staking Development
200 Holders 》✕ Farming Development
250 Holders 》✕ WOOF CLUB NFT Release
300 Holders 》✕ Coin Market Cap Listing
350 Holders 》✕ CoinGecko Listing
400 Holders 》✕ Chinese Coin Tracker Listing
450 Holders 》✕ BTok Release
500 Holders 》✕ WeChat Marketing
700 Holders 》✕ Weibo Marketing
900 Holders 》✕ Influecenrs Onboard